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Evaluation of Treatment Modality of Mandalidamsa with Ajitagada in Clinical Level PDF
Nitin Urmaliya, Manoj Kumar Gupta, Dinesh Singh Gaur, Ruchi Singh, Krisna Kumar Mishra pp. 1-13
Effectiveness of Root Decoction of Indigofera tinctoria on Peptic Ulcer (Gunmam) PDF
Pawmitha M.F.F., Paheerathan V. pp. 14-24
Effectiveness of Syzygium cumini (Naval) Root Decoction of on Diabetics Mellitus (Mathumeaham) PDF
Paheerathan V. pp. 25-35
Pharmaceutico-therapeutic vistas of Kasisa (green vitriol) in Ayurveda PDF
Rohit Sharma, Prajapati P.K. pp. 36-47

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