Effectiveness of Syzygium cumini (Naval) Root Decoction of on Diabetics Mellitus (Mathumeaham)

Paheerathan V.


This study is Quasi-experimental clinical trial to determine the effectiveness of root decoction of Syzygium cumini (Naval) in the management of Diabetics Mellitus (Mathumeaham). It also determines the association of Diabetics Mellitus with hereditary, food habits, physical activities and mental disturbances. Diabetics Mellitus disease is a problem of the Pancreas. The researcher administered questionnaire was used to collect the data. Ten (10) patients were selected clinically during the period of May 2015 to June 2015 at the Rural Ayurvedic hospital, Kopalapuram. Patients were treated with root decoction of Syzygium cumini (Naval). Evaluation visits were made at baseline, 5th day, 10th day, 20st day, 30th day, and 40th day. Effect of treatment was evaluated on changes in the sign and symptoms. Clinical parameters were analyzed by scores as difference between the visits on first day of treatment and after treatment. Statistically highly significant improvement (p<0.004) in Polyuria, frequency of urine, pain and fasting blood sugar level and statistically not significant (p<0.208) dyspnea, polydipsia and increase appetite. In general it is hoped that the findings of this study would help in the global use of decoction of Syzygium cumini for the treatment of Diabetics Mellitus.



Syzygium cumini; Diabetics Mellitus; Decoction

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