Nursing Students Knowledge on Sports Brain Injury Prevention

Umadevi A.K., Gandhimathi M.


A descriptive study was conducted with the aim of to assess the knowledge on sports brain injury prevention among nursing students at a selected nursing college, Bangalore, Karnataka. Quantitative research approach and non-experimental exploratory research design was used to accomplish the stated objective. The investigator selected a sample of 146 female nursing students using a convenient sampling technique. The data were collected by using self-administered knowledge questionnaire. Descriptive statistical analysis was performed by using SPSS-IBM 21. Results were calculated by using P value < 0.01. The result revealed that out of 146 nursing students only 2 (1.4%) had adequate knowledge score (>75%), 93 (63.7%) students had in adequate knowledge score (<50%). This is concluded from the result of this study that nursing students need to have education regarding sports trauma brain injury prevention as a part of their curriculum which may help to increase knowledge and skill in clinical settings.


Nursing Students Knowledge; Sports Trauma; Brain Injury Prevention

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