Vol 4, No 1 (2015)

Table of Contents

Research Articles

A Comparative Clinical Study of Vajigandhadi Taila Basti and Agnikarma in the Management of Sciatica PDF
Ashish Mhatre, D.M. Padavi, D.S. Bhadlikar, Mukesh Shukla pp. 219-234
Response of Herbal Medicine to the Withdrawal of Bronchodilators and Corticosteroids in Bronchial Asthma (Zeequn Nafas) Patients PDF
Irfat Ara, Seema Akbar, Mohammad Naime, Syed Basahrat Bukhari pp. 235-242
Preliminary Analysis of Siddha Antidiabetic Herbal Formulation (Ilavankaathy ilekiyam) PDF
Thempamala C. R., Thamara K. N., Kaluthota S., Vicknaverny S. pp. 243-251
The Clinical Study on the Management of Sthula Madhumeha by Herbal Drugs PDF
Chawre Sushil Vilas, Sonawne D. G., Kabra P.R., Bombarde D.T. pp. 266-274
Trends of Cerebral Palsy in Rajasthan, India PDF
Sumeet Goel, Nisha Ojha pp. 275-281
The Dual Action of Varunadi Kwath in Renal Calculi as well as Uterine Fibroid- A Case Study PDF
Padavi D. M., Pranauti Mestry pp. 282-286
Efficacy of an Unani Formulation in Reducing Post Inflammatory Acne Hyperpigmentation Marks- A Clinical Study PDF
Shabiya Sultana, Shah Nawaz, Abdul Haseeb Ansari, Mohd. Zulkifle pp. 287-290
Antioxidant Evaluation of Romasanjanana Lepa- A Compound Formulation for Indralupta PDF
Deodatta Bhadalikar, Lavekar G.S., Rasika Kolhe pp. 291-296
Prevalence of Viruddha Ahara in Patients Attending Arogyashala of N.I.A and Its Effects on Health PDF
Talekar Manisha, Mandal Sisir Kumar pp. 297-303

Review Articles

Diagnosis and Management of Dysmenorrhea in Unani (Greeko-Arab) System of Medicine PDF
Najmus Sehar, Tasleem Ahmad, Vasim Ahmad, Sonali Sajwan pp. 252-261

Case Study/ Case Report

Ayurvedic Management for Gridhrasi with Special Reference to Sciatica- A Case Report PDF
Satya Prakash, Sarvesh Kumar Singh pp. 262-265

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