Diabetic Wound Treated With Herbal Paste of Securinega Leucopyrus (Willd.) Muell - Case Report

Tukaram Sambhaji Dudhamal, Ahmed Shahan Ajmee


In Indian system of medicine many medicinal plants were described for wound healing which are used in day to day practice by Ayurveda practionars and traditional healers. The shrub, Securinega leucopyrus is a desert climatic plant found in Sri Lanka and Indian sub-continent also called as ‘Spinous fluggea’ in English. This plant is being used in Sri Lanka by traditional vaidyas for the healing of fresh and infected wounds. In this case report, a male diabetic patient aged 61 years was presented with a non-healing chronic wound on his left lower leg since two and half months. Patient was known case of type -2 diabetes mellitus, with two times open heart surgery. So in this case the wound was treated with local application of single herb powder of Securinega leucopyrus (willd.) Muell mixed with sesame oil daily once up to complete wound healing. Significant reduction in the wound, slough, swelling and discoloration with granulation at base of the wound was observed within short duration. The wound healed completely by topical application of S. leucopyrus within 15 days. This case demonstrated that S. leucopyrus paste has potential to heal the diabetic wound.


Ayurveda; Diabetic Wound; Securinega Leucopyrus; Sesame Oil

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