Knowledge, Behavior, and Attitude of Geriatric Population towards Periodontal Esthetic in and around Bareilly District, Western Uttar Pradesh, India

Ashish Agarwal, Nitin Rastogi


This study aims to identify the knowledge, behavior, and attitude towards periodontal esthetics in geriatric population. 4550 questionnaire were distributed to the geriatric patients (age 60-70 yrs) education level at least graduation, for assessing their views about periodontal esthetic in Institute of Dental Sciences, Bareilly. Patients were asked about impact of periodontal condition on overall smile esthetic, satisfaction for own periodontal esteem, knowledge about deteriorating factors, heard about treatment, requirement for therapy, and limiting factor for treatment. The study evaluated 4060 responses, total 92% (58% female, 42% male) respondent agree about correlation of periodontal esthetic to overall smile, 60% (67% female, 53% male) were dissatisfied with their periodontal esthetic, black triangles (43%) and gingival recession (39%) recognized as the main smile enhancer condition, 31% respondents heard about periodontal esthetic treatment, 75.5% patients showed interest to take treatment. Treatment not necessary (14.9%), cost (37.9%) and lower success rate (47%) were found to be the common barriers for periodontal esthetic treatment. Knowledge and awareness concerning periodontal disease is still poor in and around Bareilly district, therefore, more dental health education is needed to improve oral health.


Geriatric Patients; Gerodontology; Periodontal Esthetic; Periodontal Esthetic Surgery

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