Custom Made Occlusal Plane Analyzer: Fabrication and Technique

Mayank Shah


Planning and executing the rehabilitation of a decimated occlusion is probably one of the most intellectually and technically demanding tasks facing a dentist. Proper management of the occlusal plane is an essential consideration for full mouth rehabilitation cases. When restorations are added to an existing tooth arrangement characterized by rotated, tipped, or extruded teeth, excursive interferences may be incorporated, resulting in detrimental sequelae. The curve of Spee, which exists in the ideal natural dentition, allows harmony to exist between the anterior tooth and condylar guidance. An instrument called the “Occlusal plane analyzer” has been used to assist the Prosthodontist in development of an initial mandibular occlusal plane that is commensurate with the curve of Spee when posterior restorations are designed in diagnostic casts and later as an integral of definitive restorations as well as guidelines for the actual tooth preparations. Many manufacturers of semi adjustable articulators offer no such occlusal plane analyzers for use with their instruments. This article demonstrates the fabrication and use of a custom-made occlusal plane analyzer with a semi adjustable articulator to determine the correct curve of Spee for the occlusal plane.


Anterior Survey Point; Curve of Spee; Occlusal Plane Analyzer; Posterior Survey Point; Semi Adjustable Articulator

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