Traditional Sound Healing with High-Tech Enrichments

James L. Oschman, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijactm.389)


In many cultures around the world the human voice, in the form of songs or chants, has long been used for healing. This article summarizes how such a traditional sound therapy has been enriched using modern acoustic technologies. A system, called HUSO, an acronym for “human sound,” combines the ancient tradition of sound healing with modern technology. To create the tones used in the HUSO system, experienced sound healers recorded powerful sacred vocal sounds that have been found to evoke healing and balance in most people. After 90-minute recording sessions the toning and chanting were separated electronically into specific frequencies. Each individual tone was then manipulated and enhanced by adding different harmonics and waveforms until the combination produced a specific oscillating vibration with the most beneficial effect on the body and mind. To restore healthy balance the whole body is treated. The brain receives the tones by listening through headphones, while the whole body receives the modulated frequencies by means of vibrating pads located at acupuncture points. Feedback from individuals using the HUSO technology is that the process enables them to relax and de-stress, with a variety of profound benefits. HUSO is a completely new and unique sound healing system that is achieving results never observed before. The technology is easy to use in the clinic or at home and gives people an individualized whole-body experience of natural therapeutic sounds derived from the human voice. The system is being used successfully in wellness centers and by a growing number of prominent physicians in various specialties such as chronic illness, anti-aging, psychiatry and neurology. Relaxing with these sounds passing through the body helps with a variety of difficult or otherwise untreatable conditions.


Acupuncture meridians; Chronic illness; EMF sensitivity; Ground regulation system; Living matrix; Music therapy; Resonance; Sound therapy; Stress-reduction; Traditional sound healing; Whole-body healing

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