Effectiveness of Characteristic Keynote Prescription of Homeopathic Medicines in Acute Nasopharyngitis in Paediatric Age Group - A Prospective, Longitudinal Observational Study

Saket Kumar Singh, Vikrant Tripathi, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaayush.485)


Acute Nasopharyngitis is a common upper respiratory tract infection caused by adenoviruses, influenza, rhinovirus, parainfluenza or respiratory syncytial viruses. This prospective, longitudinal, observational study was conducted at SKHMC, Jaipur for a period of 1 year (April 2018 to March 2019), aiming to ascertain the effectiveness of characteristic keynote prescription of homoeopathic medicines in the cases of Acute Nasopharyngitis in paediatric age group. In this study, 59 cases of Acute Nasopharyngitis were treated with homoeopathic medicines prescribed on the basis of totality of the symptoms along with characteristic keynote symptoms. Treatment outcomes were assessed using Common Cold Questionnaire. Out of 59 patients, 36 patients (61.0%) were improved; 15 patients (25.5%) were at status quo, and 08 patients (13.5%) became worse. Maximum patients were found to be in the age group of School Age children (n=27; 45.8%) and Pre-School children (n=21; 35.6%). Males were observed to be affected more as compared to females. Paired ttest was conducted on the CCQ scores obtained before and after treatment and the result showed that p value was < 0.05 & t = 8.404, which was statistically significant which concluded that characteristic keynote prescription of homoeopathic medicines was effective in cases of Acute Nasopharyngitis.


Homeopathy; Common Cold; School age children; Observational study

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