Role of Darvee Guduchyadi Gandusha in Mukhapaka w.s.r. to Stomatitis

Peiris K.P.P, Abegunasekara N.S., Sandamali K.I.


Mukha Swasthya (oral hygiene) has gained importance now a days, because mukha(oral cavity) is such anga, which is exposed to many risk factors in day-to-day life. Mukhapāka is one such disease which causes a lot of discomfort to the sufferer and seen in all classes of the society. It is also called Sarvasara Mukharoga. The aggravated doshas move through the oral cavity and produces the pāka. The lakshanas of mukhapāka can be correlated to a clinical entity “Aphthous ulcer” (recurrent ulcerative stomatitis) explained in the contemporary medical science, which is also characterized by painful superficial ulcers in the movable mucosa of the mouth with recurrent episodes. Currently, the treatment for the Aphthous ulcer being very limited, the present clinical study was designed to evaluate the efficacy of Darvee Guduchyadee Gandusha in the same. 30 patients were registered for the trial and were randomly divided into 2 groups. Group A treated with the treatment with Patola katuka bhiru panta ,Kaishor guggulu and Darvee Guduchyadi Gandoosha. Group B treated the treatment with only the Patola katuka bhiru panta , Kaishor guggulu internally . The results were statistically significant in Group A. Group A was found to be more efficacious in hastening the healing of Mukhapāka compared to Group B.


Mukhapāka; Gandusha; Aphthous ulcer

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