To Study the Role of Nirgundisiddhataila in Dushtavrana

Prashant Rasale, C. D. Jagdhane, K. R. Reddy, S. D. Waghamare


Today's increasing fast life style, poverty & imbalanced ecosystem, problem of wound contamination and infection increasing day by day. In this new era person hardly get time to look after his personal health. The present study was designed to study role of Nirgundisiddhataila in management of Dushtavrana (Non Healing Ulcers) patients in comparision with the povidine Iodine ointment. For this study 60 patients were screened divided in to two groups 30 pts in each group with follow up of 21 Days. On completion of trial the statistical analysis concludes the percentage of relief in parameter Wound size - is 93.33%, Slough - Percentage of relief is 97.95%, Discharge Percentage of relief is 100%, Granulation- 97.97% is percentage of relief, Appearance of margin & edges improved up to 91.11%, Pain is relieved up to 97.40% percentage. Tenderness also decreased almost 100%. This research work finally conclude that the Nirgundisiddhataila have a potent wound healing property in Dushtavrana (Non healing Ulcer) management as shodhana and ropana (desloughing and adequate Granulating) agent. Significantly reduction in pain also manifested by this preparation in comparison with povidine Iodine group which needs Antibiotic, NSAID & Antioxidant drugs which costs more to patient. This Nirgundi Siddhtaila preparation is cost effective and easily available so this can be used in the management of non healing ulcer with appreciating results.


Infected Wound; Dushtavrana; Nirgundi; Betadine; Vitex Nigundo

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