Advance of CT Scan as an Important Imaging Tool in Evaluation of Nasal Polypoidal Masses

Vaishali S Sangole, Suman P. Rao, Kalpana Rajiv Kumar, Ashutosh Chitnia, Ashish Tilvawala, Rachana Tiwari


This research is focused on to study the CT scan imaging profile of nasal polypoidal lesions and characteristic imaging features of different nasal polypoidal lesions. It studies the comparison between compare clinical and CT Scan Imaging diagnostic consistency in Non-neoplastic and neoplastic polypoidal lesions. A prospective non randomized study conducted over a period of 1 year. Fifty patients with unilateral or bilateral nasal polypoidal lesions were studied. Plain and contrast enhanced CT sequences of nose, paranasal sinuses, orbit and brain with 3-5mm thin slices of axial and coronal views were obtained on soft tissue and bone window settings. Unilateral involvement of sinuses was found in (50%) and bilateral involvement of sinuses was found in (48%) patients. Maximum soft tissue attenuation of 60-70HU was found in (48%) patients. Widening, ballooning or destruction of the osteomeatal complex was revealed in 100% of our patients while evidence of fungal disease with double density sign was present in (10%) patients. Intraorbital extension with destruction of lamina papyracea was found in (6%) and destruction of sinus wall with expansion or thinning was noted in (20%). Extension to the anterior cranial fossa via the cribriform plate and middle cranial fossa via the sphenoid sinus was found in (6%) cases each. Pressure erosion on the septum (4%) cases each. Comparison of clinical and radiological findings in our study showed that there were (82%) patients in whom the radiological findings were consistent with that of the clinical suspicion. However in (18%), there was a difference in opinion.



Nasal Polypoidal Masses, Computed Tomography (CT) Scan Imaging, Radiology in Nasal Polypoidal Masses

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