Primipara Mother’s Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Breastfeeding

Seena Girish, M. Gandhimathi


To assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of primipara mothers regarding breastfeeding, the study was conducted in Elite Mission Hospital, Thrissur among 50 primipara mothers who were breastfeeding their newborns. The sample was collected by nonprobability convenient sampling. The knowledge, attitude and practice were assessed by using breastfeeding knowledge questionnaire, IOWA infant feeding attitude scale and breast feeding practice checklist respectively. The study revealed that the knowledge of primipara mothers regarding breastfeeding was not adequate and that was reflected on their practice of breastfeeding. They had favourable to very favourable attitude towards breastfeeding. The primary care givers need to implement strategies to educate primimothers about breastfeeding to enhance good breastfeeding practice thereby reducing infant mortality and morbidity.


Knowledge on Breastfeeding; Attitude towards Breastfeeding; Practice of Breastfeeding; Primipara Mothers; IOWA Infant Feeding Attitude Scale

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