Burden among Caregivers of Clients with Depression – A Scientific Study

Dr. Sailaxmi Gandhi, Dr. K. Thennarasu


Burden among 30 caregivers of in-patients with depression was assessed using the BASS (Burden assessment scale, Thara etal., 1995). : Data obtained was analysed using spss 16 with descriptive statistics, t test & pearsons correlation coefficient. The subjective burden levels ranged from 67-98 and Mean Burden was 84.7 ± 9.7 suggesting moderate burden perception by the caregivers. Individual domain standardized percentage scores indicated highest burden in the domain of physical & mental health (67.9), taking responsibility (67.5), patients’ behaviour (63.8), and caregivers’ routine (61.3). Indian families are very close knit and perhaps hence standardized percentage scores seemed to be comparatively less in the other domains such as support of patient (53.8), caregivers strategy (51.3), other relations (50.0), spouse related (46.3) and external support (35.8). Mean Burden level in female caregivers (17.3) was significantly (p<0.05) higher than in male caregivers (15.5). High burden levels could predispose to depression, substance abuse, anxiety, etc. in caregivers of patients with depression. This study results indicate the need for family based interventions addressing this issue.


Burden, Caregiver, Depression

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