Ethno Medicinal Uses of Plants Used By Jenu Kuruba Tribes at Rajiv Gandhi National Tiger Reserve Park, Hunsur, Mysore, Karnataka, India

Kasilingam Saravanan, Sannyasi Elumalai, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijahst.315)


The following study deals with medicinal uses of around 20 plants used by Jenu Kuruba tribal community in Rajiv Gandhi National Tiger Reserve Park, Hunsur, Mysuru, Karnataka, India. The study was focused on the medicinal plants that are used for treatment of various ailments by the tribal people. The information was collected by questionnaire and consulting local people among the tribal community. The main purpose of this study was based on revealing the Ethano Botanical medicinal knowledge of the people and the medicinal potential of the plants growing wild in this reserve forest area and their sustainability to mankind.


Ethno botany; Jenu Kuruba Tribes; Medicinal plants; Traditional knowledge

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