Validation of Informed Consent for Dental Treatment

Sajith Bhaskar, Bothainah Abdulla, Theakra Mohamad


The consent process offers an opportunity for the dentist to improve the relation with the patient and vice-versa. It provides details of the treatment to the patient and directs them to the specific needs and understanding. A descriptive study was conducted by Questionnaire survey for 200 patients who are undertaking/taken dental treatments in Fujairah AUST clinic. In the present study we observed that more than 80% of the patients did not read the consent form by themselves. Those who could read in English, 70% understood the content of consent statement, whereas only 35% who read in Arabic could understand the content in the consent (correlation was 12.746; p ≤ 0.000). The present study was focusing on an important aspect of clinical practice, but rather neglected area in health care system. Informed consent was not developed based on empirical studies but mostly from political and philosophical considerations. Based on the present study most of patients attending AUST dental clinic did not read the informed consent form. More emphasis must be made among dental students about the moral and legal aspects related to informed consent.


Informed Consent; Patient Information; Informed Assent; Questionnaire

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