Observation of Factors Affecting Pancreas among Diabetic Patients in Khulna City, Bangladesh

Baby Zaman, Quazi Zahangir Hossain, Md Asaduzzaman


The study was conducted to investigate the factors affecting pancreas related to diabetes through observational basis among the 100 patients of Diabetic Association Khulna, Bangladesh. The random sampling method was provided for questionnaire to the patient’s information mainly on age and sex-specific estimates of diabetes. The information also included the overview of the descriptive statistics of the study i.e., height, weight, pulse rate, SBP, DBP, obesity and food habit. The age range between 36-40 years of female sex was more frequent of having diabetes (11%) but in male sex between 41-45 years was highest (16%). The overall ratio of female and male diabetic patients was 53% and 47%, respectively. The complication indicates that the type 2 diabetes (80%) is more often than the type 1 diabetes (20%). The diabetes patient of female is found more susceptible with food habit like flesh (14%) and fast food (13%) than the male where flesh and fast food were 6% and 5%, respectively. The prevalence of obesity in female (17%) could be the significant reason of having pancreatic disorder than the male (10%). However the exact mechanism for this finding is not well understood but a selection process of hormonal imbalance may be one of the reasons.


Factors Affecting Pancreas and Diabetic Patients

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