Impact of Piranayamam (Yogic Aerobic Exercise) on Variability of Peak Expiratory Flow Rate in Healthy Individuals

Shiyamala V., Varnakulendran N.


The Saiva siddhantha holy text Thirumanthiram explore about the Piranayamam under the chapter of Addanga yogam in the form of stanza which was written by Thirumoolar who is one of the siddha saint. Breathing is a process by which oxygen is taken inside and carbon dioxide is given out of the body. It is the process of gas exchange that occurs in alveoli by passive diffusion of gases between the alveoli and blood. The piranayamam is the aerobic exercise yogic practice which control and regularize the phenomena of breathing. The yogic practice enhances the deep inspiration and holding up breath, thus the waste expirates can be utilized to transmit the energy to the optimum level to the body. Peak Expiratory flow monitor is a simple hand held instrument which is the largest expiratory flow rate achiever with optimal forced effort from the position of maximal inspiration, expressed on litre/min. The objective is to find out the effect of Piranayamam in ventilatory function for utilizing waste expirate. The 50 subjects were selected and explained the technique of using Peak expiratory flow meter, the tested group n=25 both male and female were selected and asked them to do regular pranayamam practice. The controlled group n=25 both gender was selected and asked them to do regular meditation practice in padmasana position. The PEFR values were recorded, Values are mean ± standard deviation of triplicate analysis (n=25 in control group male n=15, female n=10, n=25 in treated group male n=15 and n=10 female). The values were analysed for one way ANOVA using software Minitab (version 17) and comparison were done using Turkey method with 95% simultaneous confidence intervals The significant increase of PEFR recording as in male  568±  43 and in Female 423±23 litre/minute was observed in the treated group who have practiced Piranayamam. It is concluded from this research the regular practice of piranayamam improves respiratory efficiency by opening of small air way of lungs to utilize optimal air from the lungs.


Addanka yogam; PEFR; Piranayamam

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