Stress and Hypnosis

Balaji Deekshitulu P.V.


In this theoretical article the author argues the hypnotize of stress that complete presentation of Stress and stress related disorders is neither Possible nor desirable as Hypnosis is an important stimulus of Healthy Mind and Body. The literature suggests that spontaneous dissociation, imagery, and hypnotize are important components of Physical symptoms such as Headaches, Stomach problems, Eating disorders, Sleep disturbances, Fatigue, Muscle aches & pains, Chronic mild illnesses, Psychological & Behavioral symptoms such as Serious depression, Suicidal behavior, Domestic violence, Alcohol abuse, Substance abuse and Burnout reductions in mood disturbance and pain on human growth and creativity as well an inevitable part of life.


Stress; Self-Hypnosis; Benefits of Hypnosis

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