The Siddha Drug Aya birungaraja karpam (ABK) as Rejuvenative Elixir – A Scientific Review

Varnakulendran N., Elango V., (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaayush.227)


Kayakarpam is one of the specific therapeutic formulations in siddha medicine advocated for rejuvenation, which is formulated several thousand years back by our great Siddhars for the wellbeing of the human life by power of health securing the body. Thus it promotes health by preventing grey hair (Narai), wrinkling of the skin (Thirai) and senility (Moopu). This therapy ensures the longevity and elimination of disease causing factor. The aim of this review is to focus the Aya birungaraja karpam as rejuvenator. The datas were collected from Traditional siddha texts and from current research findings. Iron used as medicine from Vedic period, the ancient scientist siddha saint Bohar is the father of iatrogenic chemistry and the metallic medicine. The medicinal plants have phytoconstituents like phenolic compound and flavonoids which exert multiple pharmacological activities such as antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity. Thus the traditional medical system chosen as the alternative medical source, the drug from medicinal plant satisfies this need as they have innumerable benefits for the last three decades. The globe turns their eye towards the herbal medicine and its incredible pharmacological activities, pharmacoeconomic viability and less side effect. Reactive oxygen species play an important role in degenerative and pathological process, such as ageing, premature graying, lack of muscular and skin tone, Alzheimer’s disease, neurodegenerative disorders, Atherosclerosis, Cardio vascular disease, Diabetes, Inflammatory diseases and cancer. Even though some of synthetic drugs have shown antioxidant and radical scavenging mechanism, the WHO turns their efforts towards the evolution and effectiveness of the medicinal plants and natural products for the condition where there is lack of safe synthetic drugs. Thus, tremendous efforts have been directed toward the discovery and development of natural antioxidant from medicinal plants and its products as protective system. It is concluded that free radical ions and reactive oxygen species causes pathological and degenerative conditions in Human whereas the ingredients of Aya birungaraja karpam (ABK) show antioxidant property and radical scavenging ability in a various physiochemical and pharmacological experiments. Thus ABK envisages longevity and elimination of disease causing factor.


Kayakarpam; Antioxidant; Rejuvenation

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