Acupuncture Treatment for Migraine

Jihe Zhu, Blagica Arsovska, Kristina Kozovska, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaayush.225)


In the research are included 30 patients, 12 male and 18 female, on age from 29 to 79, who were treated with acupuncture treatment in our clinic in a period of one year. All patients had acupuncture treatment in a clinic for TCM and acupuncture in Skopje, Macedonia, by a doctor specialist in acupuncture. Acupuncture points that were treated are: Baihui-DU20, Sishencong-EX-HN1, Yangbai-GB14, Yintang-EX-HN3, Taiyang-EX-HN5, Hegu-LI4, Zhongwan-RN12, Zusanli-ST36, Sanyinjiao-SP6, Taichong-LR3, Fengchi-GB20, Dazhui-DU14, Pishu-BL20, Weishu-BL21, Ganshu-BL18. After the acupuncture treatment the effect was achieved in all patients with certain number of treatments and all the symptoms that they complained about before were gone afterwards. There were more female than male patients, with average age of 49. In most of the patients effect was achieved with 5 to 10 treatments. Acupuncture treatment as part of the 5000 year old Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) can successfully relieve the migraine symptoms, decrease the pain, reduce inflammation and improve the blood and Qi circulation through the body and meridians Acupuncture as a treatment for migraine gives positive results and can successfully improve the health and well-being of the patients.


acupuncture; traditional Chinese medicine; treatment; migraine

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