Comprehension of Rukni Amraz (Elemental Diseases) in Perspective of Unani Medicine

Mohammad Zulkifle, Sayed Tauleha, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaayush.477)


According to Unani medicine, arkān are primordial constituents of mawālīd thalātha (three primary matters) i.e. animals, plants and minerals. Therefore, they are responsible for sustenance and growth by providing adequate replenishment to the dissolution occurring in the body. Balance in the proportion of arkān is responsible for healthy state of body and any disturbance in their normal proportion leads to rukni amrāḍ (elemental diseases) e.g. Loss of body water leads to dehydration. One rukn is arḍ along with all its constituents. In arḍi amrāḍ deficiency or excess of any constituent of earth may lead to disturbance in its proportion and can lead arḍi amrāḍ e.g. Deficiency or excess of calcium and iron. This category of disease is mentioned in Unani literature but not described in detail and under the head of elementary diseases. In this paper the hidden aspect of Unani medicine is explored in light of modern knowledge.


Arkān; Mawālīd Thalātha; Unani medicine

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