Administration of Madhutailika Vasti in Aturahasta Pramana

Nita Singh, Jigeesh P.P., (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaayush.308)


The Dose of a medicine plays an important role in the efficacy of a drug or procedure. It is one among the factors which produces optimum effect of Niruha vasti. The dose of Niruha Vasti can be measured with Aturahasta (patient’s own hands). Madhutailika Vasti is a commonly practiced Niruha Vasti in Kateegraha, the effect of which in Aturahasta Pramana is so far not studied. Objective of this paper is to study safety and efficacy of Madhutailika Vasti administered with Aturahasta Pramana in Kateegraha. 20 participants satisfying eligibility criteria were selected, Yogavasti done under which Madhutailika Vasti was administered in Aturahasta Pramana up to Samyak Niruha Lakshana. 90% of participants required more than one Putaka on the first Niruha day to obtain Samyak Niruha Lakshana, which decreased in subsequent days. There was significant reduction in Visual Analogue Scale (P<0.001) and Oswestry disability Index showed statistically significant improvement (P<0.001). No significant change was noticed in blood parameters except ESR, which showed a significant reduction (P<0.05). The study concluded that Madhutailika Vasti administered in Aturahasta Pramana is effective in producing Samyak Niruha Lakshana in Kateegraha and is safe and effective in Kateegraha.


Aturahasta Pramana; Kateegraha; Madhutailika Vasti

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