Avant Grade Step towards the Management of Jvar (Fever) with Special Reference to Priya Nighantu

Singh Vandana, Kumar Sanjeev, Ram Bhuwal, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaayush.290)


Plants are the exclusive source of the drugs for the treatment of the diseases; millions of peoples are dependent upon herbal medicines. Acharya Priyavrata Sharma enumerates various drugs acting on jvar (fever) in his book Priya nighantu. Jvar may be a symptom in some disease, or it may be a disease itself. Almost all the human beings have experienced this disease in one or the other way. Many treatment methods have been mentioned in different Ayurvedic texts. The present study targets to screen drugs acting on jvar and their clinical importance. 70 drugs out of total 452 drugs approximately are described with jvarhar property throughout the text which includes herbal, mineral and animal origin drugs and compound formulations.


Fever; Herbal; Jvar; Priya nighantu

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