Observational and Critical Assessment of Unani Pharmacopoeias and Formularies

Parwej Ahmad, Mohd Monis, G. Sofi, Najeeb Jahan, Zareen Baig, Shamim Irshad Azmi, (doi: 10.23953/cloud.ijaayush.303)


Pharmacopoeia is a book published by authority of a government or a medical or pharmaceutical society containing direction for the identification, enlisting, methods of preparation, safety, quality and efficacy, methods of collection and storage, methods of purification or detoxification, and dose of the drugs. Beside this entertaining of new drugs, addition or deletion in old drugs formulations and toxic effects of the drugs. Every country has pharmacopoeia like British pharmacopoeia, U.S. pharmacopoeia, Indian pharmacopoeia and National Pharmacopoeia of Unani Medicine, etc. According to W.H.O, One forty independent countries are at present employing some thirty national pharmacopoeias along with the African, European and International Pharmacopoeia. Various Unani Pharmacopeias have been written since ancient time in different era. These Pharmacopeias may not be referred as standard Pharmacopeias due to unsuitability with modern guidelines. In this paper it was tried to explore some well known Pharmacopoeias thoroughly with relevant observations and critical assessment.



Formulation; Pharmacopoeia; Purification; Qarabadeen; Unani medicine

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