Pharmaceutico-therapeutic vistas of Kasisa (green vitriol) in Ayurveda

Rohit Sharma, Prajapati P.K.


Since ages the Indians have the knowledge of using Kasisa (hydrous ferrous sulphate/ green vitriol) in different modalities. Kasisa is commonly placed under Uparasa group of drugs and is widely used in therapeutics of Ayurveda. Brihatrayi (Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita and Ashtanga Hridaya) is the first known Ayurveda literature that introduced its medicinal utilities, and later on Rasashastra (the iatrochemistry of Ayurveda) treatises comprehensively described its complete mineralogical profile, sources, distribution, varieties, Shodhana (purification and detoxification), Marana (calcinations cycles), Satvapatana (metal extraction), pharmacodynamic properties, actions, therapeutic indications, posology, adjuvants, and formulations in a systemic manner. Scattered information exploring therapeutic potential of Kasisa is accessible and there is need to assemble it. Therefore, an effort is made to assemble the scattered information in prehistoric texts, Brihatrayi, Nighantu, Rasashastra and other Ayurvedic treatises along with modern evidences highlighting the role of Kasisa in therapeutics. Citations relevant to topic were screened.


Kasisa; Kasisa Bhasma; green vitriol; Shodhana; Marana; Brihatrayi; Ayurveda; Rasashastra

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