Evaluation of the Wound Healing Activity of Thespesia populnea Stems Bark on Wistar Albino Rats

Fathima Naslath M.N., Varnakulendran N.


This study deals with evaluation of Thespesia populnea stems bark powder for wound healing activity. But already Thespesia populnea has been analyzed for anti-inflammatory, anti-nociceptive, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal activities. Since wound healing activity of this part of plant has not been reported so far, though extensively used in folklore medicine. This made me to attempt this study. Stems bark powder of Thespesia populnea was experimented in 250g of wistar albino rats. The animals were divided into 3 groups of 3 each. The animals of Group 1 were left untreated and considered as control. Group 2 served as standard and received Cloxacilline powder. Group 3 was considered as test and treated with prepared test drug with stems bark powder of Thespesia populnea. Powder of test drug and standard drug were topically applied every day starting from the day of operation, till complete epithelialization. Wounds were measured in width and length by ruler once in three days. The size of wound was reported as per Bates-Jensen Wound assessment Tool. Exudation type and amount were observed.After got average of them. The result of the study suggests tested powder of stems bark of Thespesia populnea has the significant power of wound healing activity. Wound contraction and wound recovery ability of this powder was found to be higher than the standard drug. Wound recovery had been attained within 6 days to tested drug where as to standard drug 9 days. Accelerated wound healing activity was observed in test group of animals. It concluded that theapplication of Thespesia populnea stems bark powder showed excellent wound healing activity.

Keywords Thespesia populnea; excision; wound; Bates-Jensen wound assessment


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