Model for the Assessment of Shelf life of two Semi solid Unani Formulations

Afaq S.H., Abdullah h


The procedure for the statistical analysis of stability or real time shelf life of Unani semi-solid formulations are discussed in this paper. A systematic approach has been adopted for the evaluation of the stability information that includes the results from physical, chemical, and microbiological tests at definite intervals of the formulation of single batch kept in air tight containers at 37oC and 75% humidity. As an example the shelf life of two commonly used Unani formulations are studied. These compounds are “Lauq-e-Khayarshambar” and “Lauq-e-Katan”. The parameters used for the shelf life study are appearance, taste, microbial load, pH (1% and 10% aqueous solution), specific gravity, viscosity and refractive index in terms of sugar percentage. The assay of Rhein in Lauq-e-Khyarshambar is considered as a special attribute for stability test. After completing two years studies it has been finalized that the Lauq-e-Katan and Lauq-e-Khyarshambar have 24 months and 12 months real time shelf life respectively.


Lauq-e-Katan; Lauq-e-Khayarshambar; Shelf life; Unani formulation

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