Impact of Seasons on Physicochemical Profiles of Guduchi Ghana (Dried Aqueous Extract of Tinospora Cordifolia)

Rohit Sharma, Prajapati P.K.


Guduchi Ghana is popularly known in Ayurvedic fraternity for its huge therapeutic credentials. Earlier studies have established the standard manufacturing procedures and quality control profiles of Ghana. Species of the plant, stem size, collection time, season and maturity of plant may affect the yield and physico-chemical profile of Guduchi Ghana. However, published data on such variations is lacking. Considering this, present study is planned to screen seasonal variations in physico-chemical profile of Guduchi Ghana. Eighteen batches of Guduchi Ghana were prepared in six different seasons (3 batches in each season) and findings were systematically recorded. The obtained Ghana was further subjected to relevant physico-chemical parameters. Maximum yield of Ghana was obtained in Grishma Ritu (May-June) while minimum in Varsha (July-August). No variations in organoleptic parameters were observed due to seasonal spells. Total alkaloidal contents and water soluble extractive values were found bit higher in Grishma and Vasanta. All functional groups were found to be same in each season. Current observations reveal variations in physico-chemical profiles of Ghana extracted in different seasons.


Guduchi; Ritu; Ghana; season; extract; Tinospora cordifolia

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