Evaluate the Effectiveness of sphaeranthus indicus linn on the Management of Constipation

Mohommedu Hasan M.G., Paheerathan V.


Constipation is the most common gastrointestinal complaint all over the world. There are various systems of medicines have several therapeutic index, among these herbal medicines are much effective with less side effect. Sphaeranthus indicus is a common herb having many traditional claims including constipation. However, the laxative property of S. indicus has not been confirmed through the clinical trial yet. There for the present study deals with the effectiveness of S. indicus on constipation. This study is a quasi-experimental study to determine the internal administration of S. indicus Choornam in the management of patient with constipation. Also deal with identify aggravating and reliving factors of the constipation, identify the side effects of S. indicus and determine the association factor between the constipation and Food habits, Life style and Hereditary. In present study, ten patients with constipation, according to the inclusive and exclusive criteria were selected and treated with S. indicus Choornam 2 gram orally, three times a day for 40 days. Evaluation visit were made at base line and 3rd, 6th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, 30th and 40th days. After the final assessment the patients were observed on 50th and 60th days to determine the recurrence of disease. Clinical study showed statistically significant improvement on parameters like hard stool, incomplete evacuation, Excessive staining, Lower abdomen fullness and Gas collection (<0.001). The study also showed that statistically highly significant result in overall effect. According to this study laxative activity of the S. indicus has been proved through this clinical trial.

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